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Prolong the life of your luxurious treasure

Freeze Dried Breast Milk Powder:

Stores longer

Stable for years.

 Lipase activity diminished!


90% lighter

than frozen


Easily portable

90% less space taken up and

 no freezer necessary! 


Our Process

No chemicals or fumes

Only a medical grade natural cleaning agent is used when cleaning. It's natural, non-toxic, contains no VOCs (fumes), and is proven to eliminate biological substances

HEPA and UV air purifiers in all processing rooms

Both processing and machine room have HEPA UV air purifiers as well as humidity control devices

Product processed
in lab hood

HEPA laboratory hoods are used when processing

Each batch tested for proper water removal

Milk powder is analyzed using ... to make sure milk powder is dry and able to be stored safely for years to come

Milk stored at -15° F or below

Your milk is safe in our care!

Our freezers are kept at below -15° F. Additionally, redundancies include extra freezers and connected backup generators to prevent loss.


Convenient pouches pour right into bottle!

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